What is your hourly rate?
We charge by the job and you will know how much we are charging for each job before we start any work. The benefit is catered to the consumer. If the job takes longer than expected, you don’t pay more.

Do you charge for travel time? 
Not within 20 miles of our base which is located in Norwich/Blundeston. We do charge a Vehicle Surcharge of £20.00 which pays for fuel and maintenance on the vehicles outside this area.

Do you charge for overtime? 
Yes, of course we do. However, that depends on the job, the day and time. Some jobs just end up running late in which case we will not be charging overtime. Sometimes due to people’s schedules, it may be necessary to schedule a service call on a Saturday. Please understand if we get called out after hours or on the weekend, depending on the job, we may need to charge for overtime.

If you give me a quote, will you ever exceed that price? 
Sometimes we will run into unusual situations after we start the job that may require additional work. We will always stop, inform you of the situation and complete another quote for any price changes. We will always present them to you for approval.

What is your normal response time?  
As quick as we can. In some cases, we can be onsite within 20 minutes! (we cannot be held responsible for traffic, weather or other unforeseen items). We do not have plumbers and heating engineers on standby, but we will attend to the priority calls on a daily basis as best we can.
For service calls that are scheduled during normal business hours, we try and provide all of our clients with a 4 hour “window of time” for us to arrive. This allows you the customer time to make any necessary arrangements and allows our employees time to complete any unexpected work on their previous service calls.

Are you a licensed contractor? 
Yes. We are registered we Gas safe and are approved to work on domestic appliances
Please feel free to go to the Gas safe site and check our details. All Engineers will have there gas safe ID for customer to see.
Remember, if an unlicensed or uninsured worker performs work on your property, and anything goes wrong, you may have a problem with your insurance company paying for any related damages. It is also illegal for anyone to perform any gas work without being registered with Gas Safe.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have Public Liability insurance (£1,000,000), as well as insurance on all the vehicles.

What if I need something done in an emergency and you don’t have the parts on your truck? 
We have access to our suppliers in emergency situations. If we don’t have it, and it is not available at local supplier then we can normally get the part shipped overnight.
This assumes it is not a specialty order item, and there is a nominal charge for this service.